Getting to Know McKinley Williams

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We must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us

-Joseph Campbell

In the fall of 2011, McKinley Williams reached a turning point in his life and career. His participation in Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living Series helped him to fully see and embrace a new possibility for his life. As a result of enrolling in and completing these transformational seminars, McKinley renewed his vision of living completely from the authentic expression of his talent as a transformational leader, teacher and artist. Attending these Landmark Education seminars strengthened his belief in himself and encouraged him to commit to pursuing his vision without further delay. This was indeed a groundbreaking turning point in McKinley’s life.

Williams is in the vanguard of American citizens who are redirecting their lives away from the prevailing but fading paradigm which requires people to compromise their very lives, often times their health and happiness, and their long cherished dreams, in order to fit into the status symbol defined model of American success. In this new paradigm of purpose-directed living, individuals are seeking opportunities to fully develop their talents and abilities and to seek out opportunities for work that is closely aligned with their vision and values and that allows for the development of their human potential.

Williams is in the early stage of launching his Dreams into Action Life Purpose Consultancy and it’s affiliated community membership site  that will utilize his natural talent and cumulative professional experience. These include research, writing, teaching, speaking, consulting and coaching – all for the express purpose of being of service to others seeking to define their life purposes and realize their dreams.

This new career direction is making it possible for Williams to fulfill his calling of helping others design lives and preferred ways of working that allow them to 1) live their lives honoring a distinct purpose, 2) fully express themselves and 3) deliberately and consciously identify and pursue their destinies.

In a recent interview Williams offered the following:

1.  What have you been put on earth to accomplish? What is your purpose?

I believe I have been put on earth to become fully conscious of my creative powers so that I can effectively invest my creativity in projects and enterprises whose general purpose is making a constructive and positive difference in the world. My personal signature seems to be exploring, creating, and sharing knowledge that inspires others to embrace their own creative powers and self-agency. By doing what I do I am having an impact on the expansion of consciousness, enlightenment and human liberation.

2.  What is your soul’s work in this lifetime?

I have come to recognize that my soul’s work in this lifetime is to free myself of illusions, ego derived identifications, limiting beliefs and self- and outer-imposed limitations so that I am able to experience and sustain the highest levels of consciousness. The net effect of having achieved optimal levels of consciousness is to fully empower myself, which then prepares me to teach and empower others who are seeking to further liberate and enlighten themselves.

3.  What is the image of the kind of life you are seeking to create?

The image of the life I am seeking to create is one where I am 1) consistently making a difference in the lives of others by standing in my truth, 2) communicating what I have learned and am learning, 3) living in adherence with my most cherished values and consonant with the perennial wisdom, and 4) filled with joy and passion that arises from continuous growth and development and connection with others.

4.  What areas of human endeavor most interest you?

The areas of human endeavor that most interest me include 1) how we come to make meaning in and about our lives, 2) how we often resist taking full and complete responsibility for creating our lives and the world we are each helping to create moment-by-moment and choice-by-choice, 3) how we define and establish our relationship with the Divine or transcendent purpose, and 4) analyzing why and how we are able, as a global civilization, to ignore and/or under-invest in basic human necessities (such as environmental protection, social justice, sound nutrition, health care, education, meaningful work and affiliation). For me, these are the essential questions of our time.

5.  What are you uniquely capable of contributing to the unfolding human drama?

My dharma, as I currently understand it, is to achieve fulfillment by mastering the process and content of my own creativity, and sharing what I have learned and am learning via writing, consulting, coaching, teaching, speaking, music composition, recording and performing.

With more than ten years of professional fundraising experience in senior management positions and more than thirty additional years of experience in business and industry, McKinley Williams is a respected leader with an outstanding record of achievement in connecting people and organizations to critical resources that strengthen their capacity to serve the public good. His extensive knowledge of philanthropy, the for-profit and not-for profit sectors and his grasp of some of the most complex challenges facing our civilization today, are powerful assets.

Williams recently retired from his position as Development Director at OPCC (Ocean Park Community Center) where, for five years, he led and managed the organization’s private fundraising operations, which included cultivation and solicitation of corporate, foundation and individual donors, enlisting and nurturing board participation in donor identification and cultivation, coordination of special donor events, execution of successful communication strategies and participation in a full range of community engagement and development activities to ensure achievement of an annual private fundraising budget of $4 million.

Before joining OPCC in March of 2007, Williams was formerly Director of Corporate and Foundation Giving at Washington D.C. based Whitman-Walker Clinic. In addition to his work with Whitman-Walker, Williams led and managed major gifts initiatives for the Urban League of Portland and has raised funds for several community-based organizations including Basic Rights Oregon, The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, The Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Oregon Multimedia Alliance (Industry/Education Task Force) and the Rose Festival Association. Additionally, Williams has held management positions at The Casey Family Programs (Seattle-based private operating foundation), Xerox Corporation, Bank of America and Accelerated Learning Strategies.

Williams is an alumnus of Occidental College, a prestigious private liberal arts college located in Los Angeles, where he remains very active as a member of the alumni association. Until recently he was a member of the President’s Circle and William Stewart Young Executive Committee of the college. His community involvement has also included the Los Angeles Area Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals where in 2010 he served as Vice-President of Philanthropy and Co-Chair of National Philanthropy Day, which is an annual celebration of philanthropy in the greater Los Angeles area.

For more information please contact:

McKinley Williams
Dreams into Action
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