How do you want to be remembered by those who knew you best?

I want to be remembered by those who knew me best for my dedication to speaking truth to power and for my willingness to dive deeply into my chosen subject matter in order to produce valuable insights that inspire others to purposeful action. I want to be remembered for conducting great interviews of leading-edge thought leaders in economics, psychology, sociology, science, politics, ecology, history and a broad spectrum of topics of relevance and significance. I want to be remembered as a leading light that redirected himself at mid-life to become an inspirational communicator who used his intelligence, compassion and authenticity as both an artist and media personality to ask essential philosophical questions and express deep psychological truths. I want to be  known for my self-direction and insistence on creative freedom. Additionally, I want to be remembered for my ability to overcome adversity in my life and for having produced powerful and authentic statements through my music as well as through my books and other media works. I want to be remembered as an artistic trailblazer and as an example of a remarkable human being.  I want it to be remembered that I lived one of the most interesting lives in late 20th Century and early 21st  Century America.