McKinley Williams is Returning to Los Angeles in September!

MW Smiling with Beard

August 19, 2015

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

I’m returning to Los Angeles this fall! I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish here in Hood River, Oregon and now I am headed back to re-engage with all that I love about Los Angeles – which includes those of you who reside in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Since arriving in Hood River last October, I have had the good fortune to have been able to invest in a disciplined practice that made it possible for me to dig deeper into what has purpose and meaning for me at this time in my life and to get a lot of words on the page. What has emerged is the realization that instead of one book, I am writing the first book of what will be a book series. The book is titled “Find Your Own Way Home.” I’ll write more about the book and my Oregon experience in the weeks ahead, but today I wanted to share my excitement with you about returning to Los Angeles! For a brief time I entertained the idea of moving to Portland, Oregon where I resided for seventeen years from 1985 until the fall of 2001. But after careful consideration and checking in with my heart of hearts, the message that I received was almost deafening…and it said “Come Back Home, Now!” Hood River is a special little town located in the Columbia River Gorge and it will always hold a special place in my heart for helping me achieve clarity about the direction in which I want to move my life in this stage. But, given that time is so precious and that none of us knows how much time we will be given in this lifetime, I am ready to get back into the swing of things after three years of major life reinvention and a transformation that has been both difficult and enriching in so many ways. I’ll write more about my transformation in future blog posts. Some of you already know that I have been engaged in deep inner work and spiritual growth during this period and in order to devote myself to this work, I found it necessary to quiet my mind and to slow my life down so that this transformation could take hold and bring me to a new level of consciousness. I am happy to say that I have completed what I sense is the most difficult work that was needed (which was emptying myself and letting go of so much of what I had identified with prior to engaging in this inner work) and now I am available to fill my life up with new experiences, new realizations, new commitments, and a totally new and joyful direction. I am very happy to share all of this with you.

Please return to my blog weekly to learn more. I am in the process of linking my blog posts to my social media accounts so that I can share these updates more efficiently.

With deepest bows of respect and admiration!