Dreams into Action Foundation

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I am establishing the Dreams into Action (DIA) Foundation in response to my own personal life journey that included extreme adversity as a child and young adult. I chronicle my own childhood and youth in my book-in-progress titled Find Your Own Way Home: Cultivating Practical Wisdom While Honoring the Purpose Imperative. In my case I was largely able to positively adapt to the adversity and grow from it in ways that led to a very successful life and mission as a “new paradigm” artist-educator-leader. In my professional career in philanthropy I was exposed to the world of private philanthropic foundations and non-profit social service organizations committed to serving under-served and economically disadvantaged citizens in our society. To ensure the success of the DIA Foundation, I am committed to securing financial resources to invest in academic scholarships to be awarded to economically disadvantaged youth who have experienced significant adversity as children and young adults, mirroring my own childhood and youth. A complementary mission of the DIA Foundation is to provide guidance to help scholarship recipients and other disadvantaged students complete their college education and obtain their academic degrees, as well as provide further help in the form of networking and career guidance as they pursue their dreams of a preferred future for themselves, their families and their communities.

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