Find Your Own Way Home: Cultivating Practical Wisdom While Honoring the Purpose Imperative – McKinley’s book-in-progress

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I am in the midst of completing my first book titled Find Your Own Way Home: Cultivating Practical Wisdom While Honoring the Purpose Imperative. Conceived as an autobiographical personal development book, Find Your Own Way Home chronicles McKinley’s personal journey of overcoming significant challenges in his life and career to pursue his calling and where he encourages others to embark on their own journeys of personal transformation.

The dramatic narrative tells my intimate life story with a focus on the particularities of chronological and synchronistic events that ultimately reveal a surprising and life changing discovery that has crystallized my life purpose and thereby has energized my commitment to manifest this purpose. It’s not really all that complicated to unpack the meaning and intent of my advocacy about Cultivating Practical Wisdom and Honoring the Purpose Imperative

The Key Message in my book:

What I am saying in the book and in my songs, speaking engagements, coaching work, etc., is that our society and global civilization have gone astray. Rather than viewing and living our lives from a perspective that recognizes the imprint of the Divine and deep transcendence embedded in each life experience, we have become enamored of indulging in immediate gratification, externalizing our egos through conspicuous consumption and, as a result, have become prone to letting our insecurities and fears lead us into unfulfilled lives of quiet and not so quiet desperation. The vast majority of us are caught up in what Robert Fritz calls (in his book titled “The Path of Least Resistance”) the responsive-reactive orientation, where our dominant motivation is to reduce tension and frustration caused by our insecurities and fears. When we set our compasses to live our lives in the orientation of the creative, we start living in accordance with our own distinct higher purpose which we find embedded in our lived experience (should we care to take time to examine those experiences) along with the meanings each of us are able to dissect when we seek to understand the Divine message contained in those experiences.

It is easier for me to explain the concepts than it is to live in accordance with these insights. However, like any cultivation activity, with continued attention and the discipline of practice, progress can be made much more quickly than we might expect – but we must anchor ourselves in a state of allowance in order for the shift in perspective to take hold.

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