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In 2012 I set out to dramatically change my life.

The first task in this evolutionary process was to immerse myself in a series of deep reflections about my life and its purpose and to identify what my soul is requiring of me at this stage. These reflections comprise the core narrative of my book-in-progress titled “Find Your Own Way Home.”

As a result of taking this huge leap of faith, I am now living and expressing from my Higher Self and am on my way to embodying the best version of myself, or my greatness, if you will. In fact, I have been on a profound journey of conscious evolution. As a result of resigning from my job two years ago, I have been able to fully invest in myself. The return on this investment includes a deeper sense of my calling achieved by 1) engaging in a great deal of inner work, 2) further clarifying the vision I have for my life and entrepreneurial endeavor and 3) development of the initial intellectual properties that form the basis of my product line and associated services. This investment also includes rigorous and in-depth study (over 115 books read in this period) and internalization of content that will serve as the basis (in part) for my coaching practice, platform presentations, speaking engagements, blog entries, and other vehicles for sharing what I know and/or am learning.

This reading, writing, and accompanying inner work has helped me further refine and clarify my vision which serves as the foundation for the next stage of my life and career and informs my desire to help co-create a thriving, just, spiritually fulfilled society and an environmentally sustainable planet.

How do I plan to accomplish this vision?

I am committed to doing this by serving as a transformational teacher and leader who also composes, records and performs songs. Through my coaching practice, webinars and e-courses, speaking engagements, and other communication vehicles, I plan to be an unstoppable force for good on this planet. Technically speaking, I am a social entrepreneur.

Where are you now in making this happen?

The step I am taking now to realize my longer-term big vision for my life and career is positioning myself as a life purpose consultant and coach under the Dreams into Action brand. This life purpose consultancy is being established as a web-based entity that will include free content, video interviews, an active blog, fee-based content, affiliates, and sponsors.

Aside from bootstrapping a small business offering personal coaching, consulting services and educational programs to generate an income while completing my book, my overarching goal in going in this direction is to evolve a community (a movement) of individuals who support each other, promote each other, and otherwise form a “tribe” of like-minded people who are achieving their goals and realizing their visions of a more soul-based meaningful success (rather than the more conventional but fading status symbol-focused model of success). The Dreams into Action.org website will be a gathering place for this movement. My mission then becomes leading a movement of people toward an alternative soul-based approach to seeking and creating fulfillment and success on their own terms.

My life purpose coaching and consulting approach utilizes a framework and methodology that I’ve evolved over more than 30 years of engaging in the literature of strategies for career success, creativity, personal and professional development and personal transformation. The Dreams into Action programs are derived from my knowledge of these particular domains combined with my experience as a professional consultant, training specialist and decades of research and writing on these topics. More than anything else in my life, including music, I am deeply passionate about studying the literature of personal growth and development, evolutionary psychology and the pursuit of authentic success. While at Occidental College, my study of psychology, especially humanistic and behavioral psychology, set me on a life-long journey in pursuit of deeper and advanced knowledge and experience. Along the way I have surveyed many theories, methods, applied techniques and critiques that illuminate how to create a meaningfully successful life and career.

In addition to launching Dreams into Action Life Purpose Consultancy and Coaching Services in the coming weeks, I am well on my way to completing my book (I’d say 70% complete) and an album of original songs (60% complete), I am in early stage development of a documentary film titled Dreams into Action – The Waiting Is Over (learn more about this project in the Current Projects section of this site). These intellectual properties will be produced and distributed under the Triumphé Media Group brand, the name I have chosen for my company. (A detailed presentation is available. If you are interested in reading it, I will be happy to e-mail it to you.)


For more information contact:

McKinley Williams
Dreams into Action
A Triumphé Media Group Project
(310) 975-9359

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