Welcome to my new website! As you will see, like me, it’s a work in progress.

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MW Smiling with Beard

Hello my dear friends,

I trust you are well and that your summer has been enjoyable and unfolding beautifully.  I am extremely happy to share with you that I am well and that my life since retiring from my job as Development Director at OPCC is undergoing profound realignment and redirection.  What has been most transformative is the crystallization of my life’s higher purpose which has emerged from a discipline of rigorous scholarly immersion, re-contextualization of my long-term self-actualization work spanning 40 years, and my attunement to current social movements and socioeconomic trends. The past year and a half has been an incredible period of personal growth, intellectual expansion and spiritual realization. I am filled with gratitude for having had this wonderful opportunity to further cultivate my capacity for deep and sustained inquiry into subjects of strategic importance. It has been an enriching, strengthening and clarifying exploration that has more deeply defined my life purpose.

Best wishes,

McKinley Williams