Dreams into Action Life Purpose Consultancy and Coaching

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“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” – Morpheus


“I am ‘in the business’ of exploring, creating, and sharing knowledge that inspires others to live their passion, or what I call experiencing a re-enchantment with life. I use my knowledge, faith, courage, and humility to persuade others to become a contribution to themselves, to their loved ones, and for future generations. By being Who I Am and doing What I Do, I am having a positive impact on the expansion of consciousness, enlightenment and human liberation.” McKinley Williams


McKinley Williams has launched a new life purpose consultancy under the Dreams into Action™ brand, a subsidiary of Triumphé Media Group. The dreams-into-action.org website is currently being designed. The site is being conceived as a membership site to include free content, video interviews, an active blog, fee-based content and services, and will feature subject matter experts, noted authors, affiliates and sponsors.

Williams’ overarching goal is to evolve a community (a movement) of individuals who inform each other, promote each other, and otherwise form a “tribe” of like-minded people who are transforming their lives by pursuing their dreams and realizing their personal visions of success. The Dreams-into-Action.org website (in development) will be a gathering place for this movement.

As the site’s principal blogger, content curator and community host, Williams shares knowledge personally acquired over 30 years of engaging in the literature of career success strategies, creativity, transformational learning, personal development and conscious human evolution.


“I am honored to establish the Dreams into Action Network (non-profit website, blog and membership site) comprised of a community of individuals who are taking action on their dreams and carving out their own unique career paths and lives.” – McKinley Williams



The Dreams into Action™ life purpose coaching and consulting approach utilizes a framework and methodology that Williams has evolved over more than 30 years of studying the literature of career success, creativity, personal and professional development, personal transformation and conscious human evolution. Dreams into Action™ programs are derived from Williams’ knowledge of these specialized domains combined with his experience as a professional consultant, trainer/educator and platform speaker. Williams is deeply passionate about personal growth and development, evolutionary psychology and the pursuit of authentic success.

The Dreams into Action life purpose consultancy and web-based educational services seek to engage:

  • people seeking to identify and live their unique life purpose;
  • people who are transforming their limiting beliefs and addressing internal and external obstacles so that they are empowered to express their unique gifts and achieve their greatest potential;
  • people choosing to re-invent the way they engage in their careers so that it is in greater alignment with their personal values;
  • people pursuing their self-defined calling despite the challenges that come with attempting any kind of major change in one’s life;
  • people dealing with involuntary change, such as job loss, financial loss, loss of home due to foreclosure, loss of loved ones due to death or loss of confidence in themselves;
  • people who find themselves at a point in their lives where they must redefine themselves in fundamental ways, especially those who are at the end of what is seen as the conventional career horizon – age 60 and older;
  • people who have spent their working lives in large American corporations but whose jobs are being offshored or have otherwise been displaced.

Clients enrolled in the Dreams into Action™ coaching program will develop and maintain practices that help them reduce and/or eliminate inner conflicts that before had kept them from realizing their potential. By seriously examining their beliefs and values, clients will overcome conscious and subconscious obstacles that stand in the way of their achieving desired goals.  They will discover and reflect deeply upon what they learned as children and what values and beliefs of the culture they incorporated while growing up. They will become aware that much of what they learned is inconsistent with their real nature, making it possible for them to quickly debunk beliefs that had once led to contradictions, fallacies, and mistakes that often lead to cynicism, inner conflicts, and self-doubt. These personal “dragons of the mind” having once been incorporated at an unconscious level into personal values and belief systems, and further developed into personal philosophies that became sources of weakness instead of strength, of stress instead of harmony, and of conflict instead of will – will be eradicated.

For more information please contact:

McKinley Williams
Dreams into Action™
A Triumphé Media Group Project
(310) 975-9359

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