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“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” –  Jean Jacques Rousseau

 Dreams into Action – The Waiting is Over

Dreams into Action – The Waiting Is Over is a documentary film that chronicles the day-to-day activities and significant milestones in the lives of five social entrepreneurs, including McKinley’s real-world experience of launching Triumphé Media Group via his Dreams into Action Life Purpose Consultancy and the Dreams into Action Foundation. In addition to the film, deliverables also include a publicity campaign comprised of video(s), website, print collateral, social media and branding, and creation of additional fundraising and promotional resources. This campaign is intended to help generate interest in and early commitments to the Dreams into Action Foundation by introducing its founder’s vision to the broader philanthropic community, business community and the greater Los Angeles community.

Much has been written about the central human drive for success and accomplishment. A great deal of this literature emphasizes the central importance of each individual defining his or her strengths, intrinsic interests and aspirations and translating this knowledge into a practical plan of action in pursuit of what is commonly referred to as one’s “dream” of a preferred life and career.” Each of us, in the pursuit of our dream, is confronted with many circumstances requiring reappraisal of our goals and aspirations.

For most, if not all of us, the many adaptations and diversions can have the net effect of causing us to give up on our dreams – if even only for an extended period of time. For instance, entering into marriage or a domestic partnership with someone with an incompatible dream, having and raising children before one is prepared, facing the ongoing challenges of making financial ends meet, and dealing with the many ups and downs of day to day living are just some of the more common challenges we confront in pursuit of our respective dream. While these challenges can strengthen, deepen and further refine our dreams (which, of course, are all positive adaptations), more often than not, they force us onto a course that is directly counter to our aspirations and goals.

At some point along the journey many of us find it necessary to entirely discard our dreams, as the many frustrations, postponements and disappointments overwhelm our pursuit of them. Under these circumstances, continuing to believe in the eventual realization of our dream feels like an exercise in futility.

This feeling of failure or futility causes many to ultimately settle for less personally- fulfilling lives devoid of the passion that they once felt for their desired future. At the very least, giving up on one’s dream can lead to living a life devoid of the passion and hope that once energized one’s drive for living, or, at its worst, it can lead to dysfunctional relationships, poor performance at work, depression, substance abuse, domestic abuse with a partner or one’s children, or even suicide.

Foundational Premises of Dreams into Action

The Dreams into Action framework is founded on three central premises. The first premise is that each and every person, by virtue of his or her genetic inheritance, innate talent and abilities, the particular time and place of their birth, and their family and social environment, possesses a unique capacity for contributing something of inestimable value to society that only they are uniquely endowed to contribute. This is commonly referred to as one’s calling.

The second premise is that the fate of our societies, and the entire world, depends on each of us discovering our calling and arranging our lives in such a way that we are able to pursue it.

The third premise is that, given effective encouragement and support, each one of us at any time in our life, is capable of discovering our dream perhaps for the first time or, as in case of most adults, reanimating a long discarded dream. In so doing, each of us will be much more capable of contributing what is needed and desired in our families, workplaces, communities and in the greater society.

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